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Software Testing Services

Shift Left Testing

In the Shift Left approach, we perform testing early to prevent defects in the software delivery process by moving to the left in the project lifecycle. Shift Left testing means testing earlier in the software development process. In doing so, our developers focus on quality right from the beginning, so that they need not wait for the errors and bugs to be discovered at a later stage. This enables teams to test, provide feedback, and review changes & progress daily, which improves quality of the software.

API Testing

APIs have become the primary interface to an application logic and are the center of software development that connect and transfer data and logic across diverse systems and applications. In today’s software development scene, API testing is of critical importance as it is a part of the integration testing and determines if they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance and security. At Hopeleaf, we have the sound expertise in API testing tools such as SOAPUI, Postman, JMeter etc

Micro services

We at Hopeleaf Technologies have adopted Microservices architectural style, a variant of the service oriented architecture (SOA) for our large cloud-native applications by structuring our applications as a collection of loosely coupled services. This enables to decentralize continuous delivery and DevOps with holistic service monitoring and necessitates to effectively develop, maintain and operate such applications. As a result of pursuing this approach, we are able to scale up each microservice individually, hence ensuring resource and cost optimization benefits.


Automation Framework

As more Organizations are inclining towards agile software development, DevOps and frequent builds, a need for faster, more comprehensive testing to improve both quality and speed has emerged, which can be accomplished with the help of automation framework. An automation framework comprises a combination of best practices, tools, coding standards, test-data handling methods, object repositories, processes for storing test results, or information on how to access external resources. Our automation framework enables end-to-end test automation of applications covering diverse technologies and tools; thus allowing frequent releases and reducing maintenance efforts without compromising quality.

Continuous Testing 

Continuous Testing is a part of Hopeleaf Technologies’ process of executing automated tests in our software delivery conduit, enabling smoother agile software delivery with improved quality and faster product releases. Continuous Testing helps in detecting errors/bugs early in the development stage; thereby reduces overall project costs and optimizes development activity. We at Hopeleaf Technologies have embedded Continuous Testing as a fundamental and ongoing aspect of every activity of our software delivery cycle.

Performance Testing

Determining the speed, responsiveness, processing speed, data transfer rate, network bandwidth and throughput, efficiency and reliability of a software program under workload is of vital importance as it directly deals with the users’ expected experience with the application. To evaluate all the above parameters, Performance Testing is employed. At Hopeleaf Technologies, our Performance Testers’ focus is on system performance under a particular load and estimate bottlenecks to ensure that the application works well.

AI & ML Testing 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are revolutionizing the world of digital technology. Testing of such systems require a new approach which is more efficient than the traditional QA Practices. Ai and Ml framework can precisely identify drawbacks by constantly updating algorithms and detect even the smallest errors. This is made possible as AI and ML technology can process data, analyze schemes and patterns and evaluate testes without human presence as a machine self-learns through the use of deep learning and artificial neural networks based on given data sets or data extracted from an external source. We have adopted this testing for all our applications that are based on AI/ML.

Codeless Test Automation & DevOps Testing

Hopeleaf Technologies has adopted the Codeless test automation approach, wherein testers require less programming skills and use codeless test automation tools that allow testers to design test cases with a GUI interface and generates scripts for the same. This enables our testers to completely focus on quality assurance. Codeless Test automation is best suited for continuous testing and regression testing.


IoT Testing 

IoT or Internet of Things refers to a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects like computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, object, animals or humans that are provided unique identifiers that are able to transfer data over a wireless network without requiring human interference. Hopeleaf Technologies’ expert testers are adept and can seamlessly test end-to-end functionality of such disperse systems across platforms


Big Data Testing

Big Data refers to enormous and diverse volumes of data that are collected by a business on a daily basis at an ever-increasing rate. Organizations are utilizing and analyzing this data to gain insights to make better business strategy. Hopeleaf Technologies’ Big Data Testing Services offers comprehensive and robust testing from data acquisition testing to data analytics testing.

Block chain Testing

Blockchain has transformed the way Organizations do business, as it offers an opportunity to track assets, collaborate and share information in the form of blocks and connects them with chains. Blockchain apps not only deal with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, but also can be used with other decentralized payment modes or systems. Testing of such Blockchain apps needs specialized understanding of Business logic, DevOps and QA processes. At Hopeleaf Technologies, we are able to exploit our extensive experience in testing of blockchain applications and strong knowledge in diverse domains by teaming-up with industry players to meet their time-to-market goals and deliver cost-effective solutions.


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