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Safari Adventures: Rooftop of Africa !

Go2AfricaRooftop offer a diverse range of services to enhance their clients’ safari experiences. They offerings include various safari packages catering to different preferences and budgets, accommodation bookings at safari lodges and camps, convenient transportation arrangements, knowledgeable safari guides, personalized itineraries, wildlife photography workshops, a focus on safety and comfort, support for responsible tourism and conservation efforts, and 24/7 customer assistance.

Additionally, they prioritize conservation and responsible tourism practices, partnering with ethical lodges and supporting local communities to preserve the natural habitats they explore. With their dedication to exceptional customer service and their passion for wildlife, they ensure each safari journey is a remarkable and life-enriching adventure.


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Rooftop of Africa offers treks to Mount Kilimanjaro as well as trips to all the national parks of Tanzania.


Exotic safari packages with multiple functionality!

Africa Rooftop Company is located in the USA, and their requirement is a simple design with a unique way to describe it for USA customers! Their main focuses were to create packages for Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania safaris, and Zanzibar safaris.

Our Research

USA Market Research

We crafted a simple yet captivating website design that resonates with American customers. The site highlighted unique and comprehensive packages for Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania safaris, and Zanzibar safaris, showcasing the company's expertise in African adventures. By focusing on simplicity, clear messaging, and highlighting the unique aspects of each adventure, the website will effectively attract and engage potential travelers from the USA.

Rooftop of africa

We successfully built the Travel Agency’s website by leveraging a comprehensive range of web design, graphic design, and SEO branding services. Our skilled team utilized their expertise in creating an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface, incorporating visually appealing graphics and optimized content to enhance the website’s online presence. Through careful planning and execution, we ensured that the website was not only visually appealing but also had a strong SEO foundation to attract potential customers and improve search engine rankings.


Overcoming challenges in this project was a collaborative effort. Our team adeptly handled the latest technologies, such as Elementor, WordPress, Figma, and CSS, to create a seamless and responsive website. The Project Manager efficiently coordinated tasks, ensuring smooth communication among the team members. The UX Designer crafted intuitive user experiences, the QA Engineer diligently tested the website’s functionality and performance, while the WordPress Developer skillfully implemented custom functionalities. Through their combined efforts, we tackled technical complexities and delivered a top-notch web project.


After completing the project, our Travel Agency’s website emerged as a resounding success. The website’s user-friendly design and engaging visuals captured the attention of visitors, resulting in increased user interactions and longer session durations. The website’s seamless performance across various devices and browsers improved user satisfaction and reduced bounce rates. Additionally, the strong SEO foundation we laid out helped the website achieve higher organic rankings, driving substantial traffic and generating valuable leads for the travel agency. As a result, the client expressed satisfaction with the outcome, and our team’s collaborative approach and technical expertise left a lasting impression.





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Rooftop of africa